Never trust an Angel

“Never trust an Angel” is a Freudian road movie. Esoteric, funny, poetic and above all: an erotic graphic novel.


Written in Dutch language. It’s a story with layers, song texts, poetry and text from the Dead Sea Scrolls, mixed in different planes. There is no hero. The hero is the (male) reader-walking trough the story.
Its mend to be a picture book, to turn over the leaves and take you away in the wonderful bizarre graphic world of Sandy Viktor Nys.
But bits and pieces of text and poetry will lurk you down in a mesmerising state.
Different colours of the text balloons refers to links in the real world, (look what happens when you google “ Watch the north wind rise.”)
Poetry and song texts refer to Hybryds and masters of literature.
You sit down and start to read.
You wander in a world, which contain your subconscious feelings, a world of opposites, male- female, good- bad, beauty-ugliness, Eros and Thanatos, a world that tells more than it shows.

This album is printed on 6 copies and available as Collectors item. In Dutch language, small parts in English, available at 3RIOART vzw.